Economical Issues

The Economy under President Obama is attempting to make positive strides in recent months, for the future of our state we need to keep working hard to preserve what we have and create new opportunities for the future. First and foremost we need fiscal accountability and to fight corruption at all levels of government and business. Legislators can help the workers of Florida by protecting their jobs and maintaining a competitive salary structure. Florida has numerous resources that can be further developed and improved. Promoting tourism; expanding our transportation and ocean port services; creating more opportunities for green careers; and further advancing the science, medical, and aerospace sectors within our state will provide additional well paying jobs. Our state can revitalize its comprehensive plan to promote recent retirees to make Florida their permanent homes allowing us to utilize their vast experiences. By keeping finance and refinance rates low and assisting in debt management, we can continue to provide help to hard working families struggling within the housing market. Community developers must keep a positive, yet cautious, eye on expansion and over development. Taxes must not erode our salary dollar. Home insurance, health insurance, inflation and other regulatory taxes must not either. Accountability (not reform), putting varied resources to work, citizenship and community pride back into politics will strengthen our economy. District 83, Palm Beach County , Florida , and the United States has many challenges ahead, but our answers do reside within our vast resources and wealth of intelligent hard working citizens. District 83 needs a committed full-time representative in this district and in Tallahassee working to preserve and protect our economy.


Healthcare Issues

High quality health care is a priority for every Floridian no matter their age. At a cost that does not diminish ones current prosperity. Local and state legislatures need to work with the healthcare companies, hospitals, doctors, and businesses to provide the best coverage at the best prices. New programs and incentives can further promote “staying healthy pays” concept. Increasing medical costs and medical procedures due to worries of potential lawsuits needs to be addressed at every level. Promoting scientific advancements and improving preventative care can improve a citizen's long term health. We need to make sure each child and elderly person is identified within the system as to what plan meets their needs. Dental and vision coverage needs to be included more under the health care umbrella of services that people pay for. For future generations of citizens, we must ensure that social security is viable, protected, and reflects inflationary and cost of living changes. Promoting the family to get involved, get outside, and get healthy with the vast offerings of community resources and activities for their children and themselves can make citizens of Florida healthier and happier.


Educational Issues

Our children's education is a top priority for all our futures in Palm Beach County , the State of Florida , and our country. We can no longer be satisfied with maintaining the pace of the rest of the country or changing direction and philosophy as easily as the wind changes. Millions of dollars can no longer be wasted. If teachers and parents must be accountable (and they must), so must school administrators, district and state educational representatives, and leaders. The Florida State FCAT system needs to be addressed to see if it is still meeting what it was first intended to accomplish. Students need to be motivated to succeed at their differing educational levels. Programs tailored to motivate children within our diverse, fast-paced society can be created. We have very talented and capable people within the teaching, business, and community professions. Today's high school students need to know there is a positive future for them when they enter the workforce. Choices that they may have previewed while in high school. As low as possible student to teacher ratios must be maintained. Hours, days, weeks, and months within the school year (with a positive role model) help provide a strong, balanced, and structured educational foundation. Educational funding will always be an issue. We need talented people who are willing to work hard developing new programs and policies to meet those challenges. We need to financially support our teachers and make everyone accountable for the money raised, allocated, and spent. School safety has become an increasing concern. We need to make our students hard targets from anyone harmful. Those in authority need to respond, inquire, investigate, and ask tough questions when a child may be in danger. Where there is smoke there may be fire. Our educational system is becoming one of pressure and uncertainty. For our children's future it must and can be one of promise and hope. With our society's varied resources, our educational system has the potential to be a model for the rest of the country.


Insights To The Candidate

(Please come back often. These personal insights change monthly. I wonder……what experiences and likes do we share?)

I believe the glass is half full.

I enjoy cooking and prepare many meals at home.

My favorite actors are old school: Cary Grant, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart. (But, I really love Sci Fi)

After being a cat person, I finally became a dog owner 6 months after my wife and kids started twisting my arm.(Comet is a good boy and loving new member of our family)

I enjoy most sports, but I truly am a football fan at heart.

My favorite poem is “Don't Quit “ - Anonymous.

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